Illusion Reality

Illusion & Reality

I always toyed with the idea of giving a lecture on how the movie, ‘Matrix’, is unknowingly based on teachings of Kabbala and Chassidus. Maybe I still will. There is

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The Old And The New 1

The Old & The New

Modern person designates anything older than 12 months as waste to be disposed of. Living, as we are, in a world of change that advances in geometric progression, there is

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Yizkor Guide 1

Yom Kippur – Yizkor

Yizkor can mean ‘remember’ and it can also mean ‘mention’. When we recite the Yizkor prayer we not only remember loved ones but bring them into the present by mentioning

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Positivity 1


Would you take a precious gift received from your father or mother and, in a pique of anger, thrust it onto the ground, breaking it? Yet it seems that is

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Emunah 1 1


Why is it that some people have the amazing capacity to ride the wave of pressure and stress and produce their best, while others, fold and buckle under the weight

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My Project 1 11

My Land of Israel

Being in Israel allows me to compare the knee-jerk world-newspaper editorials and internet headlines, most clearly a total distortion if not fabrication, with the reality of life in the Land

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My Project 1 (7)

Courage of Initiative

Putin faced a rebellion. It wasn’t overly serious.  But symbolically important. Did he disarm it? To be determined. Moses also faces a rebellion in this week’s Parsha. A leader of

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