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Easy Meditation for Living Easy

Meditation is a tool to achieve many important human goals.  Not least amongst these is to lead a healthy life by limiting and neutralising stress and anxiousness.  This course will provide five simple tools that can be used to achieve the physical integrity of the body and mind, thereby having a positive flow-on effect for

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Spiritual Prayer

Spiritual Prayer

Understanding and following prayer services has become a latter-day challenge.  In this course we will look at the structure and content of the Shabbat morning prayer service and discern a definite structure – four rungs of a ladder of spiritual ascent. These will be explained in detail and individual prayers analysed.  The course is geared

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History Of Shavuot

The History of Shavuot

By Rabbi Menachem Wolf Shavuot is the festival celebrating the giving and receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai 3,300+ years ago. For background, 3,500+ years ago the children of

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