Rite of Passage

Tailored and experiential learning program for soon to be Bar and Bat Mitzvah youth

Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s are a period of transition, where children take their first definitive steps toward the autonomy of adulthood. They begin to explore themselves and their world through a new set of lenses that are gifted to them at this point of their lives. But this period comes with its challenges. Supportive guidance is key.

Our Rite of Passage is designed to arm your child with a value-framework that will empower them to safely explore their developing cognitive and emotional sides, unique abilities and navigate emerging challenges. Together with a private mentor and at their own pace, your child will explore our rich heritage and timeless traditions, and how to be a healthy teenager in the 21st century.

The program is tailored to each student. It will celebrate your child’s unique qualities and teach them how to treasure their distinct spiritual narrative, as only they know how. Your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony will be much more than a nostalgic ritual. It will be an empowering moment.

Spiritual wellness is the “twin sibling” of physical wellbeing, it is the focus on purpose, beliefs, values, principles and identity, and plays a critical role in human wellbeing – with measurable impacts on mental and emotional health. Much like a physical wellbeing space (ie a gym, personal trainers garage or public pool) Spiritgrow is a physical facility with resources and ‘equipment’ for self guided growth and we also offer many training programs, workshops, classes, personal training and mentoring.

Spiritgrow doesn’t sit nicely in any ‘classic’ Jewish community box, nor do we fit into a particular pigeon hole on the religious spectrum- we are unique and there is no organisation like Spiritgrow in the world. We tend to do things differently, not deliberately but because we are driven by the obligation of Kavanah – intentionality. Kavanah requires a constant checking in with our source & personal mission and frequent assessment of what we are doing. We believe that this approach is necessary both in our individual lives and organisations life. A byproduct of this approach (on an organisational level) is the slightly less conventional feel to what otherwise seems very familiar or traditional for some.

As teachers and trainers, our focus is to infuse the Jewish spiritual wisdom teachings into everything we offer and to do so in a manner that empowers people to incorporate spirituality into their day to day life.

People come for different reasons to Spiritgrow (much like a gym), for some it is the meditation resources for others it’s Teffilah (prayer), traditional celebrations & milestones and for others it is the classes, workshops and retreats. We believe that any of the entrances can be the right doorway to spiritual wellbeing.

Our program may be joined at any time to suit the date of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

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