Spiritgrow is a verb.

Spiritgrowing, otherwise known as spiritual wellbeing, has been identified by researchers as being extremely important if we want to rise above the challenges of life and live with a deep sense of purpose no matter the situation we find ourselves in.

At Spiritgrow we base our teachings on Ancient Jewish Spiritual Wisdom and implement the following four key areas: 

  •       Ritual – Incorporating mystical meaning and practices of Jewish Traditions
  •       Spirituality – Exploring Kabbalistic wisdom and life enrichment philosophies
  •       ME – Strengthening and enhancing Mental and Emotional Health
  •       Relationships – Deepening and strengthening our interpersonal connections

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  • Classes & Lectures
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    Unlimited access to recordings of classes & lectures, meditations, articles, and curated online content exclusive to the Spiritgrow Virtual Centre. (See FAQs)
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    Attend services and receive one High Holiday ticket and an opportunity to purchase subsidised children seats and/or enrol in our children’s SpiritKids Program. (See FAQs)
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  • Lifecycle Milestone
    Receive a 20% discount and prioritisation on bookings for milestone celebrations and or observances including births, Bris/baby naming, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings & Chupahs, funerals, Minyans & Yohrtzeits.

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  • Soul Guide
    Available with an upgrade to SoulGrow Membership
    Grow with a Spiritgrow Personal Assistant to tailor a personalised learning and growth plan with set check in points.
  • Soul Trainer
    Available with an upgrade to SoulYou Membership
    Meet privately with a Spiritgrow mentor to coach and learn with you to fulfill your growth plan.
  • Sitting With The Masters
    Available with an upgrade to SoulYou Membership
    Experience opportunities to meet unique characters and teachers.