Senses are exquisite mediators between our consciousness and the world around us.? Just imagine what our understanding and meaning of life would be like if we operated only on one sense ? be it sight, sound or smell.? We would be deprived of four fifths of life?s richness.? A thought experiment might conclude that life would be reduced to autonomic responses devoid of the kind of rich texture that we relish and call ?normal?. But have you considered the possibility that we are living a life of extreme sensual deprivation?

Of the electromagnetic spectrum, our eyes see only a tiny section we call visible light.? We don?t see microwaves, or gamma rays, or infra-red waves, or radio waves or ultra violet waves. What this means is that we see very little of what there is to ?see?.

Now let?s multiply the invisibility of the world further. We don?t get to see any aspects at all of the spiritual spectrum. We don?t see any of the underlying energies that fuel the finite quantifiable world. Putting this all together, we are ?legally? blind! We bumble around stumbling morally, ethically, relationally, politically, nationally ? simply because we can?t ?see?.? We have been reduced to one narrow band of the total spectrum ? called human consciousness. And even this tiny section is filtered through a small brain that is 12 cm by 14 cm x 16 cm ? totally limited by its finite design.

So how can we possibly begin to imagine, let alone appreciate, the far greater beauty and sensory pleasure that the rest of the spectrum could offer us?? But e Creator provided a small ?homing device? within each one of us that transcends our physical limitations.? It is called the soul. But to use it you need to tune-in to the transmitter.

And that grand transmitter of all spectra and wavelengths is called G-d. The signal is the Torah. The homing device is Neshama. Tune in! Begin to appreciate the most beautiful sensory orchestral creation possible.