Vayeira – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Having guests over is not just a nice thing to do. It is a Mitzva of high order as it demonstrates the openness of your spirit, through your home, and strengthens the bond you have with others, demonstrating the value of such bond Notes:

• Everyone is familiar with the episode of three angels visiting Abraham after his circumcision. From here we learn the importance of Bikkur Chollim – visiting the sick and comforting them, especially to raise their spirits.
• Less known is the fact that Abraham actually interrupted a very important conversation to welcome his angelic guests. And a conversation with someone of high political standing – viz G-d.
• He says to G-d, just wait a moment while I welcome these three guests. This dramatically points to the importance of the Mitzva of Hachnassat Orchim – welcoming guests to your home.
• In our own genteel western lives, having guests over is often a chore, if not a bore. It requires planning, invitations, preparations, catering, cleaning up, fixing damage by unruly children and more.
• But having guests over also means that you are spiritualizing the space you occupy, sharing it with others, and in effect saying that your relationship, connectedness, closeness and admiration of others is the glue of society.
• Abraham was in a state of extreme pain, the third day after his circumcision as an adult, considered the most painful of the after-operative pain, and yet he invites total strangers into his home.
• How far will you put yourself out to do the same?