Vayeira – Angels and Table Settings

We have today so many shows telling us how to entertain. Food shows that blow the imagination. Magazines on table décor that take away the breath of even the most talented party planners. Lighting effects, table shapes, and even appeals to the olfactory through ingenious scents and perfumery.

• Abraham didn’t have access to Vogue magazine, and yet his and Sarah’s entertaining prowess was legendary.
• Hachnassas Orchim, bringing visitors into your home, is considered a major Mitzva. It is one of the hallmark characteristics of the Jewish people. So much so that even G-d has to wait in line if an opportunity to invite a wayfarer beckons.
• We learn this from an episode where Abraham is seen chatting with G-d when suddenly he notes three desert passers-by approaching. He tells G-d to put His discussion on hold because an opportunity to invite people into his home lies within reach.
• As it turns out the three strangers are in fact angels on a mission to, inter alia, destroy Sodom and Gomorro. But the incident shows the high regard for inviting people into your home – that even G-d has to wait in line!.
• In a world where we are increasingly distancing from one another out of fear and suspicion, surely this must be the way to turn the boat around and create community.
• And how many guests did you invite this past Shabbat?