Vayechi – You and Me, We’re Gonna be Partners

A business partnership is like a marriage with similar tensions and commonalities. But the relationship of the tribe of Zevulun and the tribe of Yissachar is the model for all of us. One was great in trade, and the other was great in education. They exchanged their ‘goods and services’. Zevulun would support Yissachar, and Yissachar would educate Zevulun. You too need to support a good cause and allow the cause to serve your life’s mission.

A business partnership is like a marriage. There are similar tugs and pulls; similar antipathies and respects; and similar power plays and concessions. Two of Jacob’s sons, Yissachar and Zevulun formed a partnership – a partnership with a difference. The tribe of Zevulun became ancient Israel’s great seafaring traders. They sailed far and wide, reputably discovering China long before the old Persian empire had any inkling of it or rumours of the Silk Rd caravans become public. The tribe of Yissachar became the Jewish scholars and academics. They studied full time and provided the education system for rank and file. Zevulun made a proposal to Yissachar: we will support you financially through our trading profits and in return you will teach our children and all the Jewish children of Israel. This was a shidduch made in heaven and remains the model for the ideal partnership of spirituality and materiality. The world consists of two dimensions: the physical and the spiritual. When the human being brings peace and harmony between these two dimensions of reality, the result is cosmic balance. Allow the Zevulun-Yissacahar partnership become your model. Support a good cause and allow the good cause to support you and the Jewish people.