Vayechi – In My Will I am Leaving You the….

One of the most powerful life motivations, besides seeking security and contributing to family and society, is to leave a legacy. To many today, leaving a legacy means to leave money in a will. And to others, even that is unnecessary – live for today for there is no tomorrow. Our Parsha, Vayechi, contains a living legacy. The elderly Jacob spells out for each of his sons what he is leaving to them. He leaves them with his most precious assets – his powerful blessings. Did he not have sheep and cattle? Of course he did. He was exceedingly wealthy. But temporal wealth is not what he leaves them with. He leaves them his soul – the blessings that will go on to characterize the Jewish nation for all generations to the end of time. It is said that the only legacy we can leave that will transcend time is our good name. Money comes and goes, but inherent in your name is the sum total of memory, character, personality, goodness, sensitivity, compassion and friendship. Or … G-d forbid. So what will you leave as your legacy? Will your grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchildren recall you because of the name that you left? Or will you be just another ancestor whose name is soon. forgotten? The outcome of your life is within your power. Begin the work of constructing your legacy right now. Don’t leave it to too late. Allow your time and effort to be focused on what lasts. An edifice doesn’t last. Even the most successful business enterprise is lost within generations as history and economics shows. Only your name can outlive you for generations to come. Jacob left a legacy which we talk about to this present day after some thousands of years. Decide what you will leave in yours.