The Genesis Secrets

Genesis Playlist

This 5 part series is an exploration of the secrets contained in the beginning of the book of Bereshit (Genesis). Drawing on the teachings of the scholars and mystics, Rabbi Menachem Wolf reveals the incredible messages and timeless lessons that are encoded in the words of the Torah.

Introduction: The relationship of science and religion, Big Bang, can there be proof of God, revisionist vs rationalist vs spiritualist interpretation.

What are the meanings of Gods names? Particularly E-lohim (the name used in the first verse of the Torah) and what is E-lohim’s relationship with nature?

Why does the Torah begin with the letter Bet, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet) and not Allef? We unpack the Hebrew letters as numbers, letters, sounds, words and hieroglyphs. The torah beginning with Bet and the first verse of creation: ‘ in the beginning God created heaven and earth’ tells us something about duality, physical & spiritual, houses & homes.

What existed before the beginning, what can we learn from black ink on white parchment and the large space before the text? Why is there no number zero in Judaism? and why does the term used when referring to zero actually mean 1,000 (10X10X10)?

In part 2 we epxlore: Was Adam male, female or both? What was Eve? Is God masculine? Who did God ‘consult’ with, why does the Torah use such a term? What does Judaism believe existed before existence?

In part three of this course Rabbi Menachem Wolf explores what makes humans different from all other species.

Why is humankind’s soul and body’s origin described so differently in Genesis?

What and where was the garden of Eden?

At the end of this class we begin to explore: what the ‘snake’ and ‘fruit’ in the garden of eden were. The birth of Ego, and selfish sexual intimacy

This week Rabbi Menachem Wolf covers:

Why was it called the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Bad?

What was the snake in the garden of Eden?

The introduction of bad through the fruit.

Why were Adam and Eve naked and why did they cover up after eating from the Tree?

Who was Lilith and does she still exist?

What does any of this have to do with the world today?