Teruma – The Still Small Voice Within

The Parsha, Teruma, describes the individual donations and contributions the Jewish people made to the building of the Mishkan – the earthly portal between earth and heaven. But the instruction given by G-d seems to have a grammatical flaw. The text states: Build for me the Mishkan so I can be present in ‘them’ – rather than ‘in it’. In other words to build a space that will transcend time and space and be a portal for G-d’s presence here on earth (later to be succeeded by the Temple in Eretz Yisrael). But why the seeming grammatical error? Since there are no errors in a Divinely produced Torah, we must seek out and find the deeper meaning, which is indeed found in the teachings of Kabbala as explained by Chassidus. Though the Mishkan was the portal into higher realms, the very act of making the contributions to its costs and materials of construction, created and extended that portal into every individual soul. Hence the plurality: ‘in them’. Inherently, each of us possesses the spiritual connection to G-d, irrespective of our standing, degree of practice of Judaism, or gender. Our antecedents ensured that each of us has a personal portal to the higher realms – an inner awareness and consciousness of our higher and more noble raison d’etre of being. That is the power of donation and contribution. Indeed we are instructed to tithe our whole income and donate that 10% to worthy charitable causes. But this singular act back then, for the construction of the Mishkan, embedded the inner temple into the very fabric of our being forever more. Are you in touch with that G-dly inner voice?