Pesach 2 – Another Four Cups – Play it Again, Sam

Yes, the eighth day of Pesach takes place in Casablanca as well! (For those who don’t get it, Google the heading!). In fact everywhere outside of Israel there is an 8th day of Pesach – an extra day of Yom Tov, this year occurring this Shabbos – a real spiritual treat that Hassidim celebrate in a special way. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the number eight means a spiritual state of infinity –well beyond the number seven, which symbolizes the natural state of being. Therefore to have an eighth day of Pesach, which itself celebrates a miraculous moment in history, replete with many miracles, is amazing. So much so, that the holy Ba’al Shem Tov instituted a special extra meal on this day referred to as Moshiach’s Seuda – the Messiah’s festive meal to celebrate the immense power latent within this day. The Lubavitcher Rebbes celebrated the occasion even more so by instituting another ceremony of drinking four cups of wine as we did at the Seder, and introduced song and dance as a feature of the festive meal. Time has a dimension beyond space. It also has ‘folds’, special moments when extraordinary spiritual occurrences can occur. One such ‘fold of time’ is referred to as a ‘Keitz’ – a moment where the spiritual fission of time can explode into a huge change in the nature of the world and history – known as the Messianic era. The eighth day of Pesach is one such moment when immense change can take place. So if you find yourself somewhere close to a Seudat Moshiach, don’t become a pseudo-sophisticate smiling patronizingly at this quaint Hassidic custom -participate, because it may well be that it is your soul that is the much needed catalyst to catapult us into the next phase of world history.