Noach – Even Worse Than Corruption is Disunity

The Flood was not merely a warning against perversity and corruption. It demonstrated that the whole purpose of creation is wholeness and unity exemplified by true brotherhood and sisterhood. The Flood did away with a world of mutual disrespect and introduced the value of mutual love and Oneness. Notes:
•The whole world knows the story of Noah and how a single person believed in the prediction of a world flood that ravaged and destroyed the known world of yesteryear. And we suspect the reason was because of human corruption especially as later typified by the sophisticated free-thinking metropolises of Sodom and Gomorro.
•But why destroy this generation of the Flood? Why not wait for the seemingly more perverse Sodom or the openly rebellious architects of the Tower of Babel?
•The commentators explain that notwithstanding their later perversity, corruption, and despicable behavior, the later generations had one openly redeeming attribute: they worked as a team. There was harmony and fraternity –albeit their values were warped and disorientated.
•The generation of the flood lost synergy, symbiosis and commonality. The animal world, the vegetational world, and humanity, had disrupted the wholistic intent of creation.
•The world had to start again. It had to become cleansed, purified, like a Mikva purifies those who bathe in it, so did the flood act as a giant Mikveh and purify the world for a new beginning.
•Whatever you do, practice brotherhood and sisterhood. This is the singular component that validates the creation of the world and brings states of Oneness into a world that is a singularity