Lech Lecha – The Road More or Less Travelled

Abraham not only re-formed the path of spiritual intimacy called monotheism, but through his actions he paved that road to make it easier for us to walk on and enjoy the fruits of our relationship with G-d Notes: There is a profound insight in our wisdom teachings that states, Ma’asseh Avot Siman Lebanim – the actions of our forefathers is a marker for their children. On the surface it seems to suggest that we should emulate our elders. And no-one would argue with that. Continue reading….. But at a deeper spiritual level, the teaching is that our forefathers actually paved a spiritual road for us to travel on. That is, more than being an example, their spiritual power carved out a spiritual path that makes it more likely that we take. Abraham, the protagonist of this week’s parsha, carved out the pathway of monotheism. Although the world began with an intimate and knowing relationship between person and G-d, subsequent generations eroded the intimacy and included complications of other god-like elements like the sun and moon and others. Abraham reintroduced the intimacy in our relation with G-d making it possible for each one of us to become a person of faith, recognizing that G-d didn’t create the world and then went off to entertain Himself by playing Divine Scrabble, but is constantly involved in all aspects of our life All we need do is call upon our Abraham-genes and recognize the spiritual power beneath the surface of all that we hear, see and touch. Do you have the spiritual touch?