Chayei Sara – Two Views of the World

Avraham takes his son Yitzhak to sacrifice him as instructed by G-d.  Sarah dies of shock hearing of this undertaking. The two demonstrate different world views, one of obedience and the other of actualizing the future.

• This week’s Parsha, Chayei Sarah, opens up with her passing. She does not die only of old age. Having heard that her son Yitzhak was being offered up by her husband, Avraham as a sacrifice was such a shock, that her soul departed.
• How is it that Abraham seems to take this test by G-d, in stride, with full preparedness to offer up his son, while Sarah simply expires at the thought?
• Herein we see two very different perceptions of reality. His belief was so strong that life and death were on the same spectrum of personal behaviour. If G-d wills it, so it must be
• Sarah’s worldview is different. She perceives in her son a potential for the future of the Jewish people without which there can be no future. To her, the future was clear.  And yet, here was something occurring that inexplicably aborting the future line of Jewish peoplehood.
• Of course, the truth is she did foresee the future clearly and accurately, and G-d had no intention of having Yitzhak sacrificed.  But Abraham’s test of supreme obedience was also passed.
• Each one of us have a little of Abraham and Sarah within us. We face Abraham’s supreme tests of being a Jew over and over again throughout history. But at the same time, we have a clear vision as Sarah did that ultimately destiny will see us succeeding in every respect.
• The message to you and me: Be strong and believe in the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.