Bo – The Answer Lies Inside You

THE Hebrew name for Egypt – Mitzrayim – also means restrictions, constrictions and limitations. A deeper sense of the name also refers to self-limitations – limitations we impose on ourselves. In truth there are no challenges we cannot overcome, and the challenges we face are there to make us grow and to dissolve the limitations we artificially put on ourselves. Notes: The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim, a derivative of the Hebrew word for ‘limitations’ and ‘constrictions’ viz. maytzarim. Our instructions in this week’s Sedra are clear – leave Mitzrayim, an instruction with a double entendre. The deeper instruction is to leave all sense of limitations and constrictions that seem to limit our lives. It is well known that all too often we sabotage our own dreams and inspirations by imposing on ourselves limitations that are not real. We are only limited by our own beliefs – or rather lack of beliefs in ourselves. Our exile in Egypt represents at a deeper level the exile of our soul in our body. We can release and free the holy spark within, through self-belief, and to break through the illusion of limitations that we often weave artificially into our lives. Self-belief means recognizing that there are no challenges confronting us that have no solution – and that the solution, in turn, strengthens us and makes us grow. We left Egypt, the most powerful nation and army of that time. Likewise we can exit all of our problems and find the way to our promised land and personal freedom.