Beshalach – The Power of Song

This Parsha is also called Shabbat Shira – the Sabbath of Song, as the Jewish people sing as they finally experience emancipation. While words reveal thoughts, song expresses deep felt feelings and even reveal the soul. Hassidim use Niggun for deep expression. So you can too by singing daily. Our Parsha, Beshallach is also called Shabbat Shira – the Sabbath of Song. Why? Because it includes the prose sung by the Jewish people upon experiencing the miracle of crossing through the Reed Sea to escape Egypt. We express through words. Words reveal what is hidden within, inside our thoughts and feelings. But song is a quantum leap beyond mere words. A song reveals the heart and uncovers the soul. • When a person sings, the mind takes second place and a truer picture of the person emerges. Hassidim have taken song to an even higher level with wordless tunes, referred to as a Niggun. Without the imposition of words, the melody connects from the deepest core, bypassing the mind, allowing the soul to soar upwards or inwards, depending on the nature and purpose of the Niggun. The Jewish people’s collective soul soared upwards recognising that the final vestige of slavery in Egypt was truly over. Do you sing? Sing a song every day to express your soul.