Beshalach – It’s All a Miracle

The splitting of the Reed Sea, allowing the Jewish people to cross and finally leave Egypt, was a most unlikely phenomenon of nature. As it seems to offend our sensibilities, many rationalisations have been offered in history, some bordering on the ridiculous, like it must have been a mini-tsunami, or gale-force winds split the sea into walls of water, and even a suggestion of mass hallucination. What in fact took place was, simply, a miracle. Our understanding of a miracle is something that needs to totally offend the laws of nature or probability. Yet every day someone in this world person experiences, or is witness to, an event that completely defies known science. For example. how does a mother lift the rear end of a car to free her child pinned under? Or how does a soldier carry a wounded buddy across a battlefield only to discover later that he has been seriously wounded himself – even fatally. This is sometimes referred to as ‘hysterical strength’ or ‘stealth power’ – but those are just words. In truth, every moment is a miracle. The earth’s position 93 million miles from the sun only has to be upset by 5% out of orbit and the world world’s inhabitants would immediately die. The 6 trillion chemical and electrostatic reactions taking place in our body are miraculously coordinated in ways that defy any notion of computer programming. The world is a miracle in motion. When we walked on dry land adjacent to walls of water, we witnessed a miracle. But the difference between usual and unusual is only frequency. We tend to call it a miracle if it happens once. The truth is, I know nothing that is not a miracle. When the sun rises tomorrow morning, recognise it as a moment of miracle. Your appreciation of life will grow exponentially.SHOW LESS