Mikeitz – The Spiritual ‘Butterfly Effect’

The name of the Parsha MiKeitz symbolises the end of an era, the end of this era and the beginning of the Messianic era known as the date of Keitz. Channuka culminates with the lighting of eight candles, eight being the number of miracles, beyond seven, the symbol of nature, and a hint of Moshiach.

This week Parsha, Mikeitz, Shabbat coincides with Channuka.

Keitz means the end, and often refers to the ultimate end, the coming of Moshiach, which is the end of the first era of creation and the beginning of Messianic era.

Channuka has a profound message of ‘the end of days’ i.e. coming of Moshiach. We ultimately light 8 candles. Seven is the symbol of natural process – the seven days of the week. It becomes somewhat spiritualised in the seven colours of the rainbow. But eight is the symbol of a step beyond nature – the eight Channuka candles.

Symbolically we are taught that King David played a harp of seven strings, but Moshiach’s harp will have eight strings.

Yosef Hatzaddik was freed Mikeitz, at the end, of his extension of two years prison sentence. His freedom reflects the freedom we will experience in our Keitz, when we will experience a true freedom making our pleasures and luxuries seems like a prison in comparison.

A taste of that freedom can already be felt as we light the eight candles of Channuka.