Bereishit – The Original Background Noise.

Science hears a cosmic background ‘hum’. The Torah discerns a Divine breath. The Beginning is a mystery.  What we do between beginning and the end is what matters. 

• Scientists discovered a cosmic background ambient noise they believe to be the relic of the ‘Big Bang’ – the origin of the universe and which pervades space homogeneously. At the same time, the Torah’s spiritual teachings note ‘G-d’s breath’ of life animating the universe.
• The two approaches refer to the same phenomenon –Bereishit – Beginning, this week’s Parsha. Neither truly describes the origin of anything.  An origin, by definition, is unknowable.  From a human point of view any supposed origin presupposes a ‘pre-origin’, ad infinitum.
• But does it really matter whether science or spirituality define ‘origin’ better?  Or is the exercise of life more about the nature of life that has arisen after the ‘origin’?
• The zenith of Divine creation, and of the supposed ‘Big Bang’ is the human being. Unlike animal, plant, or mineral, the human singularly possesses consciousness of time and space, an awareness of Self in context of the All, and an innate recognition of morality and purpose.
• The human is therefore also held to highest account and is expected to display its higher spiritual aptitudes in a way that benefits the world and humanity.
• “In the beginning” is not an introductory phrase. It is a phenomenon that provides meaning to creation. It is G-d’s meditative hum, Divine breath, maintaining reality
. • Be true to Bereishit – the true beginning of your reincarnative journeys.