July 2019 Donor’s Monthly Report


MOMENTUM ? How Our Spirit Grows

Update for Spiritgrow Supporters


Rite of Passage Popular With Parents/Kids

This would have to be one of the worst photos ever of a lovely Bar Mitzva family at Spiritgrow 2018

The Spiritgrow Rite of Passage (bar/batmitzva training) program has become Melbourne?s most distinctive youth development program. Quite apart from the Spiritgrow style of spiritual insights that sets it apart, it also includes sophisticated contemporary training modalities including, meditation, mindfulness, stress management, self-image, and ethics in relationships

A further unique Spiritgrow innovation is the one-on-one mentoring style that the bar/batmitzva candidate receives from a talented mentor who imbues enthusiasm and wisdom into the personalised sessions.

?What we want to achieve is a very positive experience for your child ? one that will provide a lingering memory of depth and meaning that will be picked up on? later in life,? notes Rabbi Menachem Wolf, the Director of Spiritgrow.


Research into Jewish Meditation

I think they’re asleep, not meditating at one of Spiritgrow’s regular Meditation courses

Meditation is a ?signature? course at Spiritgrow. The most recent meditation training series completed with great success with over 185 attendances recorded. Participants left each session praising the amazing effect each session had on their lives.

?It would be wonderful to have these sessions every night,? commented one of the attendees.

There is considerable evidence of the effectiveness of Meditation for stress management.? But Spiritgrow is now going one step further designing a research project, possibly in collaboration with one of Melbourne?s universities, to assess the efficacy of Jewish meditation as an even more potent modality. More information will be forthcoming soon.?


Building Plans Nearing Completion

Is it a very cool beach house or Spiritgrow’s new home due for completion Febuary 2021

Our award winning architects, Jackson, Clements, Burrows are well advanced in their design of the new Spiritgrow building and the project is providing considerable excitement amongst members and supporters alike. The multi million-dollar project has attracted considerable major funding and support. A community involvement Capital Campaign is to be launched soon.

The building will boast smart technology, energy sustainability, natural materials, and feature a design representing Spiritgrow?s spiritual and social values. It will even boast a youth ?crash facility? and school subject tutors on hand.? ?We may be a well endowed Jewish community but there are nevertheless family conflicts leaving youth stranded in the street, and students who fall between the cracks in their school setting,? observes Rabbi Wolf..

A highly proficient consultancy team will ensure that the end product will provide a benchmark for other community buildings to emulate.


New Membership System to Be Launched

Buses replace trains at Caulfield station July 2019

With its geometric growth of participants at programs, Spiritgrow is now about to launch a Membership system to recognise the loyalty and support of its large and multi-faceted base of supporters and program/shul attendees.

?We want to ensure that those who are the core of our Spiritgrow community feel their presence is recognised and rewarded. Members will receive significant discounts to all programs, enjoy free High Holiday seating, be prioritised in receipt of new teaching materials, and have priority access to its Rabbis and mentors, for for celebrations and milestone events,? notes Rabbi Wolf.

Membership will be restricted providing quality attention to those who choose to become formal Spiritgrowers.


?Young Marrieds, Young Adults, and a Young Rabbi??

Member and new parent Popeye with Swee’Pea who he found in a box on his front doorstep

The Spiritgrow Rabbi, Menachem Wolf, is one of the most popular celebrants in the community. His combination of erudition and stand-up comedy provides a unique contrast to the past somewhat stodgy approach to simches and young adult Jewish events.

?I love the fact that I can ask him any questions whatsoever and he will never take offense or be put out no matter how wild the question might be,? notes one of the young couples attending Menachem?s marriage classes.

Having a youthful Rabbi is a sure-fire way to attract the many younger Jews that Spiritgrow obviously speaks to successfully. It ensures that young people feel included, listened to, have a great role model, and enjoy some wonderful home cooking at the rabbis? open homes especially for Shabbat and Yomtovim.



To sponsor Spiritgrow programs and/or support our building project, please call me on 9509 7211. Spiritgrow is a tax deductible not for profit .