The Tao of Judaism

Tao Of Judaism 1

When you are ready and you have a few minutes take a seat in a quiet space….

Everything in the world is integrated in a more sophisticated manner than puzzle pieces fitting nicely together. It’s more like every element of a single thought existing at the same time and with all elements of the thought powered equally by the consciousness of the one thought. No individual component takes up any actual space, yet all elements have their distinct definition and place in the thought.

We of course are a part of that whole thought and when we meditate on this idea, (an element of) the thought itself is becoming aware of itself while remaining a thought within the original consciousness.

Naturally our focus in life is seeing the contrasting elements of all, after all thats how we are able to distinguish anything, eg: car, road or pedestrian. But this natural ability to see contrast can become overly dominant to the point that we lose the ability to see the full integration of all.

Engage meditatively/intentionally with things around you, with the single intention of discovering/revealing/acknowledging the Oneness. Everything is a part of the single thought, energised by the same consciousness.