The Grind is Real

The Grind Is Real 1

As currents push a boat and weather systems impact everything happening on deck, so the energy of each moment pushes us and contributes in a major way to our experience of the moment. We are passing through a period where the energy is infusing our reality with a grinding feeling. It feels like things aren’t clicking nicely or smoothly. It feels like there’s a lack of clarity, as if our internal compass isn’t giving a clear reading. The details of life don’t seem to fit into a rubric of greater meaning or goal achieving. Goals themselves seem so removed or abstract at this time.

The grind is real, the feelings are real, but they won’t go on forever. Soon we will emerge from this fog. The calendar keeps moving and with its progress. new energies take over.

Keep in mind that although it seems like there’s a disconnect between the tasks of the day and the great goals, and that the work itself seems to be such a burden at this time, they still matter. They are still contributing both to the present moment and the future – in significant ways.

A primary difference between now and the future is that in the future we will see how the current grind is so important.

For now keep going, grit your teeth and keep pushing. It’s only a few more weeks and then change will happen.

I am with you and if you need some contextualising or meaning, reach out.