Non Binary Harmony

Non Binary Harmony 1

When we think of a binary system be it right & wrong or left & right, the concept of compromise is pretty much a lose/lose situation. Neither of the original options ends up with a result that suits and both will see problems in the finished product that set the outcome as being distant.

The mystics describe an energy, Tifferet, that at first glance looks like a tool of compromise but in fact creates something new from opposing forces. The difference between compromise and Tifferet is that when each of the original components looks at Tifferet it completely identifies with Tifferet and sees itself within Tifferet and at the same time sees the other force fitting in with Tifferet without the other treading at all of Tifferet being true. Its not that Tifferet us a broad tent, quite the contrary, each side sees Tifferet is being purely true to it. Neither sees any compromise and yet both exist!

The result is bliss. Each component remains whole.

The catch, Tifferet is the creator of whatever comes after it. But neither of the original components that Tifferet synthesised care because the two originals focus on the fact that it is the creator of Tifferet.

A weak metaphor that can give us something to anchor this idea to is the creation of a child.

Truth is in both elements of the binary system, absolute truth is non-binary emitted from a binary reality.

The English translation for Tifferet is Harmony.