Are Mediums Real?

Are Mediums Real 1

In the last few months a number of people have come to see me about their visits to mediums and/or psychics (all in context of trying to connect or view their departed loved one). This week alone I had three discussions. Some were coming for retroactive approval while others wanted to discuss their discomfort with me. In all of the conversations the question was put to me (in a very round about way), do I believe in mediums. I am choosing to address the question in a very preliminary manner for general interest.

I generally divide the above ‘service providers’ into four categories:

1. Charlatans – these are people who know they do not possess any capability and wish to make money or fulfil some other desire by convincing others that they are connected to their loved ones.

2. Naïve empaths – these are people who are naturally (highly) intuitive, accidental psychologists, who have not studied human behaviour etc but are able to deeply read others but mistakenly presume that the information is coming from a spiritual source beyond the information physically but subtly present in the moment.

It is my belief that the above two make up the majority of the ‘industry’. But there are certainly many of the third:

3. Genuine spiritualists – these are people who tap into information that is beyond this realm. They make sense of the information with their mind and learned structures but don’t actually understand what they are ‘downloading’, much like we do after dreaming.

And then there is a group who are truly set apart from the above three:

 4. Mystics – these are truly gifted individuals who are given an ability to see with greater, yet varying measures of clarity things that are completely concealed from our dimension of reality. They come from many different nations and traditions, but are few in our world.

In todays world, and particularly the west, it is quite difficult to determine whether the people we engage are types 1, 2, 3 or 4. We probably convince ourselves that the ones we visit are type 4 or at least 3.

But the question remains: of the real ones, are they truly connecting with the souls of departed?

I can’t answer that in a general email. But I can write this: loved ones who have gone to the next world leave echo’s of their past life in dimensions closer to our own and in this world. The echo is like a recorded hologram, it can be communicated with in the present moment but the content is not current, it unlocks no information for the future or even the true present. The echo is not the loved as they are now, it is a permanent echo from the past.

There is much more to unpack and learn about this and you can reach out to me for a class or discussion, perhaps there is a series of classes that needs to be run….