Your spirit of kindness and belief will ensure our continued work and allow our community to continue to journey together into the future. 

The membership of $695 per person is a critical component of our budget and is what enables us to do what we do all year round. 

Q: How will High Holidays work?
A: We are working on a number of different ideas based on lockdown 1.0 and emergence 1.0. We have booked a number of venues to accommodate a reopening of Melbourne as well as begun work on alternative offerings and contingencies. Our number one goal is to ensure a meaningful and authentic High Holidays for our members.
Q: Is there a family membership or kids membership
A: Not as such. Families with children have the benefit of participating in anything that we offer for children & families, provided the parents are members.
Q: If there aren’t necessarily going to be normal High Holidays and seats why isn’t membership discounted?
A: Aha! Let me clarify the misunderstanding of what membership at Spiritgrow means. Membership to Spiritgrow is not a Shul seat. We are not a shul per se, think about it, how many shuls do meditation and yoga, run leadership seminars & wellbeing courses and have a library focussed on holistic wellbeing? To be a member is to be a part of something that you believe in and to participate as you wish in what is on offer. Membership is what allows Spiritgrow to be. The High Holidays are like any program or offering, as a member you get first or exclusive access. One can’t buy into the High Holidays at Spiritgrow because there are a finite number of spots available and members get priority access resulting in no seats for the wider public.
Q: What other offerings should we expect (beyond the current emails, WhatsApp’s, Zoom’s and social media content) in the event of an ongoing Covid shutdown?
A: Based on what we have learned from four months of pastoral care calls, we have developed an online platform which will allow you to tap wisdom and practices that will not only enrich but provide support and thought processes that can be used to improve your day to day living. This will be launched very soon. We have also launched a new Covid Lockdown 2.0 Zoom series of programming and have uploaded all our existing content onto our YouTube channel. Our other main focus right now is speaking and walking with members and spending one on one time with you as you need.

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