Become a part of our community.

The thing about Spiritgrow membership is that we don’t want you to buy a seat for the High Holidays and the occasional Bar Mitzvah. That’s not what we’re about.

The decision to offer a formal membership is the manifestation of Spiritgrow?s commitment to creating a real community of people wishing to collaborate to create something uplifting for each other.?

The success and growth of Spiritgrow has been watched by communities all over the world and part of the success can be attributed to the creativity of our programming and approach to Judaism and life,? but in truth it is because of the unique and special nature of the people who attend, contribute and volunteer in our community that makes us such a special organisation. It’s you- the special people that make Spiritgrow.


Grow with us

While everyone interacts with Spiritgrow in different ways and come with different needs, Spiritgrow is a holistic centre and community, not just a shul or education facility. Membership is about belonging and enabling a community who value holistic growth and a celebration of Judaism in an authentic, healthy, spiritual and uplifting way. As a member, you will be honoured with:

Adult Membership

Youth/Kids Membership


For a limited time, we?re offering Early Bird membership for those who sign up before July 17th 2019.

We will be limiting the number of available memberships to 330. Our early bird offering for membership is $695 and adult and $360 a child (up to the age of 18) after the 17th of July membership will increase to $800 and $480 for a child.


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*Nobody will be denied membership due to a shortage of funds, there are other ways to contribute. Please reach out to a member of the Spiritgrow team to arrange a respectful, confidential conversation.