Spiritual Prayer

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Spiritual Prayer

Understanding and following prayer services has become a latter-day challenge.  In this course we will look at the structure and content of the Shabbat morning prayer service and discern a definite structure – four rungs of a ladder of spiritual ascent. These will be explained in detail and individual prayers analysed.  The course is geared to the student seeking to achieve meaningful prayer on a budget of limited time and knowledge.

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Lesson 1

Focus and Meditation.
How body and mind express the inner soul.

Lesson 2

Climbing the Spiritual Ladder
The structure and imagery of the four 

Lesson 3

First Rung (on a time-budget) – Awakening
Base-camp for the climb – Mind, Body, Soul

Lesson 4

Second Rung – Becoming Inspired and in the Flow Where the heart sings and the mind soars

Lesson 5

Third and Fourth Rungs – Achieving Oneness and Stillness. Dissolving the self and listening to the still small voice within.

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