Inner Struggle

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Why are human beings troubled by inner conflict? What creates inner tension and indecision? How can we discern what is good or bad, right or wrong? These and other issues describing the human condition are analysed from the vantage point of the classic text, The Tanya, drawing from Kabbalistic sources and profound Chabad teachings. The classes will thereby consider the nature of human personality and the nature of the Cosmos.

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Lesson 1

Strength of Character
The perfect master and the perfect loser

Lesson 2

The Determined Soul
Caught in the net of life’s struggles rungs

Lesson 3

Success Despite Inner Conflict
Does self-doubt mean failure?

Lesson 4

Can We Cultivate Selflessness?
The quest for perfect ego-lessness

Lesson 5

Breath as a Metaphor of Creation
Can we really speak about G-d?

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