Ethical Dilemmas & Moral Challenges

5 Sessions

Completed online

150 minutes

Of video & audio content


Available to everyone

Ethical Dilemmas Course Spiritgrow

By Rabbi Laibl Wolf

This course will discuss the application of Jewish ethics and principles to issues relating to health and wellness in society. Ranging from the difficult problem of triage, choosing who to treat and who to let die in hospital wards, the course will also look at whether governments have obligations to legislate laws for the public wellbeing, e.g. compulsory vaccinations. It will also question whether a universal notion of ethics actually exists.

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Session 1

Is right always right everywhere every time?
The quest for ethics and morality in a confused world

Session 2

Should humans decide who dies and who lives?
The challenge facing triage in hospitals

Session 3

The Torah’s approach to triage dilemmas
Jewish principles governing life-choosing 

Session 4

Are there universal ethics governing humanity?
Natural Law, Positive Law, Modern Law, & Jewish Law

Session 5

Should the government protect us from ourselves?
The ethics of imposed vaccinations & health laws

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