Easy Meditation for Living Easy

5 Sessions

Completed online

118 minutes

Of video & audio content


Available to everyone

Meditation In Five Sessions Course Spiritgrow

Meditation is a tool to achieve many important human goals.  Not least amongst these is to lead a healthy life by limiting and neutralising stress and anxiousness.  This course will provide five simple tools that can be used to achieve the physical integrity of the body and mind, thereby having a positive flow-on effect for relationships and contentment. The modalities will be explained and practised so that they can be easily repeated at home.

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Session 1

Breathe Easy
Neshima (breath) and Neshama (soul) -partners for inner 

Session 2

Warm and Heavy
Autogenic approach inducing the relaxation response

Session 3

Look at Me
Practice intense focus on body parts to undo

Session 4

Projecting images of nature and beauty to create composure.

Session 5

Five Senses
Activate the senses sequentially to soothe troubled 

TIP: You can tick off each session as you complete them to save your progress.