A Course in Jewish Spirituality

6 Lessons

Completed online

338 minutes

Of video and audio content


Available to everyone

Spiritgrow Jewish Spirituality 2 1

By Rabbi Laibl Wiolf

This course will introduce and define the basic essential concepts and teachings within Kabbala and Chassidus in a way that allows participants to employ these wisdoms in daily life. This course will assist adepts and beginners alike.

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Lesson 1

Who are you, where are you, and why?

Deciphering the human speck of dust in the Cosmos – the purpose in life in one session!

Lesson 2

The Tzaddik, the Buddha, and You

The purpose of life is not to achieve perfection, but to fight the good fight – and win. This session teaches how.

Lesson 3

Are you for real?

What is consciousness , sub-consciousness , imagination and illusion?

Lesson 4

Sessions 4,5 and 6 of this six part series will introduce the student to the basic concepts of Kabbala and Chassidus to open the doorway to a life of meaning and depth by taking the ‘Jewish road less travelled”.

Session 4 : THE GOOD , THE BAD ,AND THE NIGGLY. Right ,Wrong ,and Free Choice

The litmus test for the difference between right and wrong? The deeper meaning of the Tree of Knowledge – Good and Bad? Can there exist different standards of morality in different cultures or is it ‘moral relativism’? Do we really have the freedom to choose?

Lesson 5


Where do feelings arise from ? How do they influence our decisions? Is it possible to love unconditionally? Is hate or indifference the opposite of love? Why was the USA indifferent to the fate of Jews until 1942 ? Are you a caring person?

Lesson 6

FINDING YOUR MOJO – What turns us on? How to live a life of drive and high motivation

– Unleashing your soul.

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