You’re Dreamin’

Youre Dreaming

‘You’re dreamin’, Luv’, is a distinctly Aussie expression intimating the impracticality and improbability of someone else’s idea. But are dreams always meaningless, ephemeral, subconscious expressions, devoid of meaning? Our spiritual teachings find extraordinary significance in the dream narratives of our great masters, and foremost, our forefathers. Joseph, for example, was a dreamer par excellence. Admittedly, sharing dreams is not always desirable, and in Joseph’s instance, resulted in over two decades of estrangement from his brothers and separation from his father. But his dreams were nevertheless truly prescient. If so, are dreams somehow real? If Joseph’s dreams correctly predicted the future, how can we dismiss his dreams as mere subconscious musings?

Our spiritual teachings of Chassidus inform us that we live simultaneously at various levels of reality. It almost reads like a sci-fi novel. One reality is in the finite world of time and space – our ‘normative’ everyday experience. Another reality is in ‘dreamworld’. Have you ever wondered how it is possible to dream or imagine phenomena that are impossible? If you have never flown like a bird, how can you dream yourself doing so or imagine it?  The answer often given is, this is what imagination is and dreams are. But that response simply begs the question. What is imagination, and what is a dream? Might it be, as Chassidus informs us, a state of consciousness altogether on another plane? After all, the Kabbala tells us that our soul is a spiritual umbilical cord that transcends through many quanta ‘worlds’. Are dreams, imagination, and perhaps also hallucinogenic experiences, and intense focused insight meditation (Hisbonenus), all modes of experiencing these higher realms in some imperfect way – imperfect because our body is simply too physical a ‘machine’ to modulate ‘spiritual frequencies’ of higher order?

When the world will ‘graduate’ into its next phase, known as Moshiach, our minds will experience a quantum-expanded consciousness, with a capacity to experience these ‘higher frequencies’. We will be so removed from a physical plane of consciousness that we exist in now, that our recollection of life ‘down here’ in a finite world will seem like a mere dream! This is actually hinted in Psalm 126: “we will be like dreamers”.

So don’t dismiss all dreams as nonsense. And certainly not dreams of a truly peaceful world in which our people will be settled safely, and spiritually thriving, in our own Eretz Yisrael. Dreams often coincide with a higher reality