Why the Jews?

Why The Jews 1

Is it envy of 0.02% of the world’s population (Jews) earning 22% of Nobel Prizes? (That’s amazingly and totally disproportionally high!). Or is it ‘tall-poppy’ syndrome? (Even though Jews tend not to flaunt their success). Or is it jealousy of our supposedly more complex Einsteinian brains? Or is it a survival instinct that most nations don’t possess? Or is it political manipulation by an aggressive emboldened hate-group rewriting the history of October 7th –1200 cold bloodied murders, rapes, and pillaging – redrafted as a ‘brave nationalistic uprising of the oppressed’?  (Was that not the line used by the Chmelnitzki’s Cossacks to justify the pogroms of Europe? Or is it simply that Eisav is destined to hate Jacob?

Either way, as Goebbels, yemach shemo, taught us all too well – the big lie is the most effective lie. And we have been the butt of the big lie throughout history.

We have just completed a ‘golden age’ of 90 years during which the lid was pressed down on latent antisemitism.  In that short time frame antisemitism was viewed as politically incorrect and socially improper. But the lid has been lifted. And it doesn’t take much to set antisemitism alight.  The Torah notes that when we left Mitzrayim no-one dared meddle with us given all those miracles. Except for one group – Amalek. Irrationally (and to their demise) they attacked. That in turn provided history with the excuse to continue to play the Amelekite card, equally irrationally, falsely, and also to their like demise.

We are 50% partners with the Creator. If we hold up our end, our partner, G-d, will hold up the other end. But only if we maintain self-esteem, personal and collective confidence, and stand tall, as per contract. The meek, compliant, and timid image of the past is no longer applicable – but only if you make it so. Pride is infectious and reinforcing. The way you respond to adversity affects so many more than just you.  Communication technology assures us of the ‘flow-on’ effect. Don’t hide.  Be Jewishly visible and identifiable. Practice your Jewishness authentically in private, and in public. Be true to yourself and to your parents, grandparents and to all your past generations. You are probably a reincarnation of a Kadosh from the holocaust. Make them proud.  Make their self-sacrifice a meaningful investment in your Jewish life.

Facing up to antisemitism is your test, our test. This week’s Parsha, Behar (‘on the mountain’), challenges us to climb our Mt. Sinai and plant the flag of Am Yisrael at the summit. Meet you at the top!