THE WAR: Message from Austin TX

You and I are horrified by the media images and first hand reporter-descriptions attesting to the cruelty that has been inflicted on over a thousand of our brothers and sisters. Even innocent children have been behaded and knifed, the dagger still stuck in their tender bodies. Unspeakable atrocities committed on their mothers. ‘Old-world’ barbarism in our supposedly enlightened world. The perpetrators – a terrorist group known as Hamas – a word which ironically in Hebrew means ‘violence and destruction’! How do we, thousands of miles away, connect, affect, assist, alleviate, the suffering and also shift the future? I have prepared this short 4 minute video sharing the way we can make this happen. May HaShem bring an end to Jewish suffering and bring peace, Shalom, to our war-ravaged country, the intersection of warring and marauding armies for the past two thousand years!