The Rock

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The Torah informs us that Yaakov has an epiphany. He takes some stones, arranges them as protection around his body, and, psychokinetically, blends them into one large rock. Today, verbal stones are hurled at us by ill-intended persons and media. In the guise of righteous indignation (“stop the war” “make peace” “ceasefire”) we are accused of cultural appropriation, if not cold-blooded murder. Not a word from the Islamist hordes of the barbaric murders that launched our defensive actions. Not a word about women and children, mosques and kindergartens, hospitals and homes, all being cynically used as ‘human shields’ for cowardly murderers who embed themselves behind the skirts of women and children’s cribs, while the media-jackals hunt in packs to capture the best graphics to titillate the viewer and voyeur alike, without distinction between the hostage & murdered-victim, and the victimised & manipulated.

Like Yaakov, we need to take the protest-march pebbles and media stones, and conjoin them into a single rock – a mission statement: we will defend our soul, our body and our land, no matter what the world says; no matter what a yellow-belly ‘United’ Nations ‘rules’;  no matter what our best friends ‘counsel’ us; no matter how woefully the faint-hearted in our midst undermine us. We will be The Rock – unbreakable and unmovable.

Yaakov took the stones and produced a single rock. So will his descendants – us! We will take their weaponised stones and use these to galvanise ourselves into one – one people, one mission, one belief. For 3700 years they haven’t been able to destroy us. Nor will they succeed now, as long as we are One Rock – unified, connected, of singular belief, and following the one mission statement of Torah. If we do our part then will there appear the four stepped ladder that Yaakov dreamed about, bringing spiritual reinforcements from Above, allowing us to succeed – against all odds, against all reason, against all predictions.

Many stones – but one Rock.