Puppets & Puppeteers

My Project 1 1

Do you think that most Russians want a war with Ukraine? Do you think that most Arabs want to fight Israel?  Do you think that most Australians fear war with China? Do you think that most Americans want guns around their children? Do you think that most people around the world believe what their politicians say? 

Yet the media parrots such truisms as if we are real dummies. And perhaps we are.   The media has a deliberate strategy for promoting fear and disrupting clear-thinking. Media is firmly entrenched in waging a propaganda war, not propaganda of a political persuasion (alkthough sometimes it is), but the propaganda of commercial exploitation. It wants higher ratings, because ratings and ‘likes’, raise advertising revenue.

When I went to school there was a subject called ‘Clear Thinking’. We had to look for appeals to emotions, false analogies, and writer-induced bias. Today the onslaught of media (let us not even mention here the bias inherent in AI chatbox software) is overwhelming. Yet, clear thinking and critical analysis is not on our children’s curriculum, nor even a personal adult priority. Today we, too often, fail the stability and balance of mind test.

When next you hear the news headlines, or read your internet-fed news sensationalist headings, try to use your head and watch out for the artificial drama being carefully scripted by ‘psychologistic-oriented news-writers’ – clever puppeteers pulling our puppet heart-strings‘,  and playing us for fools – which maybe we are!