Hard Rock

The Rock

A detached bronzed autumn leaf driven by competing gusts, scooped up in the arms of the wind, twisting this way and then that way, wending an unknowable path to a destination unknown, and likely shredded and drenched by the rains before it’s arrival. Lives in the twenty first century.

Induced by huffs and puffs of perceived ‘influencers’, pressured by hi-tech sales bots, suffering squalls of social intolerance, led astray by political stupidity, life foundations cracked by ‘twisters’ of relationship breakdowns.  Lives in the twenty first century.

Weak and anchorless. A ship cut adrift in the oceans of time, lacking compass or sextant. Open to random currents, no shoreline in sight. Lives in the twenty first century.

Is that how you feel? You, the indestructible Jew who has outlived every social and cultural storm the world has ever endured. You, the eternal Jew who has been promised a promised land and a promised future. You – have you too lost your way in the twenty first century?

Let me remind you.  There is a mountain.  Not a high mountain, but not a valley either. Just a large rock. Proud without being egotistic. Assertive without being dominating. Possessing a healthy self-esteem rather than sinking as a valley of inferiority.  Sinai is its name. There you and I stood, some 3500 years ago, an historical singularity never to be repeated. There we were impressed with a spiritual imprint that forever changed history’s pulse and direction. There, with compass, sextant, anchor, and anemometer (wind-gauge) to navigate the highs seas of history, we were handed a multi-dimensional map – a destination in time and space.

You have forgotten and therefore lack confidence and direction. Instead, you embraced ‘cultural sophistication’ – the ‘arts’: the Impressionists, the ‘cubists’, the ‘modernists’.  Only to be rejected by these contemporary ‘guilds’.. You are alarmed by ‘antisemitism-chic’ and Philistine rhetoric. (Wasn’t Palestinia a bad Roman joke?). You think of having a ’an escape route’  – a second home in Japan (Israel seems far too dangerous for you) , because your current hometown is socially uncomfortable, Jews again a bulls-eye on a pinboard.

Mu advice: stop running. Go back to the future – Sinai. Mould and shape your twenty first century. You have purpose.  You have destiny.  You have strength. You have soul.

It’s high time you played your own soul-music. Don’t be embarrassed by its authentic notes of shabbat candles, Teffillin and Torah. Stand tall. Show no fear. Be the rock!