Design in Nature

Design In Nature 1
The more science investigates the nature of the universe, both macro and micro, the more it discovers design, structure, and pattern. This is quite amazing since we would intuitively expect randomness if not downright chaos at the base of all things. Weather seems to be wholly unpredictable. The results of football matches are so unpredictable. The patterns of migration of birds and animals produces so many anomalies to be unpredictable.  So why is it that we find in nature very basic repeating patterns of spiderwebs, trees, shells, leaves, spirals, scales, meanders, waves, spots, stripes and more. 

If you were to find a Timex watch in a seemingly unexplored cave, you wouldn’t say it was a product of evolution or spontaneous combustion. You would conclude that someone had discovered this cave before you. Likewise with patterns in nature. Pattern points to a designer. We may not decipher the designer’s intentions, but we realize that only an intention can produce a design. After all, Shakespeare’s sonnets, or the Chumash, weren’t the random products of a spilt bottle of ink. 

So when you walk along the beach, or in the botanical gardens, or simply peer at the stars on a clear night – try to find the amazing patterns that appear if you seek them. You might be witnessing the Fibonacci numbers, otherwise known as the Golden Ration, in action – a basic characteristic found throughout the universe. And thereby you are witnessing the Designer in action.