Are You a Person of Conviction?

Person Of Conviction

Is your heart aflame? Do you speak with passion? The tone of your voice, the sweep of your hands, widening of your eyes. In other words – are you a person of conviction?

Are most demonstrators people of conviction. Mostly not. They are people looking for a cause who will jump onto whatever bandwagon is the flavour of the moment. They want the thrill of power. They cajole, manipulate, and disrupt. Disruption is their measure of success.                            

“What did you today?”                                                                                                                            

“I sat down on in the middle of the road at the main intersection of…?                                 

“Wow! You really showed them!”

Showed them what? That you want to feel important? That you belong? That you are contributing significantly to the future of the society? Really?

Antisemitism is fashionable today. “It reveals human frailty including, envy, scapegoating, jealousy, a perverse pleasure of cutting down a tall poppy.  Antisemitism also invites opportunism –professional agitators, people with social gripes, plus those who want to enjoy a day out at a sunny demonstration.  Conviction?

Their conviction is in inverse proportion to the noise they make and plethora of placards. They deny other voices, only than their own. They ignore democracy and insist that there is only one way to see the world– my way! They also conspire with media, in a sick symbiotic relationship, to project fiction as fact:                                                                                                                                               

“OK, on the count of three start waving the banners and yell out “From the river to the sea. No not yet. Joe, let’s get camera angle from here. Hey it will be more powerful if we get the youngest children at the front waving their flags. Right. Let’s go! Ok. 1,2,3.”

Conviction means deep consideration, testing an opinion in the marketplace of ideas, being open to critique, and gaining a sense of history. (Unfortunately, the one thing we learn from history is that we don’t ever learn anything from history.)                                                          

“The meaning of life began when I was born – so don’t try to sell me your ancient, antiquated beliefs of a generation ago. That’s history!”

So, do you possess convictions, firm beliefs, a worldview that shapes your life, a vantage point that can wisely influence a coming generation? That allows you to die knowing you have stood up for what you truly believe. Do you exemplify that conviction in your daily life? As the Lubavitcher Rebbe quoted many times from Sefer HaYashar, “Only words from the heart will enter the other’s heart’. Not slogans; not political catchphrases. Just your truth.

Are you a person of conviction?