Kites. So beautiful, swirling colorfully in the breeze, the cherubic angel-face wearing an expression of innocent wonderment as the child discovers synergy with the natural elements.  Another kite. Cut loose by a surly angry teenage face, this kite bearing a threatening flame, also navigating the winds, but energized by an expression of rage and mal-intent to cause maximal damage and destruction to nearby Israeli wheat fields.  The first image: on the beaches of Tel Aviv; the second, from the Arab side of the Gaza fence. 
The ‘things’ of life are neutral. ‘Things’ don’t seek to enhance human enjoyment or cause harm.  Things are merely things.  The ‘thing’ may be a machine, a stone or even a kite in the sky. So when does a ‘thing’ hurt or help? When human intention is attached to it. Unfortunately, we exploit ‘things’ for selfish ends. We don’t accord respect to ‘things’ that they deserve. 
The splitting of the atom releases gargantuan energy sources. These can provide the power to service whole cities at relatively small costs. So why don’t we?  Because we don’t trust our intentions.  Because we are fearful that our baser instincts will cause havoc and destruction on an unimaginable scale that makes Hiroshima look like a back-yard fire. We don’t trust our intentions. 
It’s high time for humanity to master its inner spiritual core. It’s time for humanity to respect and honor the infinite resources that Creation offers us. Whether we accept the gift of ‘Prometheus’ fire’ and use it for the good is the test of human wisdom.
In Israel, the vast majority of the Jewish population is called up for military service and is fully trained in guns and powerful weaponry. A large percentage of it population possesses guns – for obvious reasons.  Yet, civilian mass murders in Israel are non-existent. In USA possession of a gun is a considered a natural right. And civilian mass murders, and murders generally, is as common as the common cold.  
The difference between Israel and USA: one society uses ‘things’ honorably and wisely, and the other…