the spiritgrow high holy day enrichment box contains​

  • High Holy Day How-To Guide: 120 pages of how to’s, prayers and Machzor page numbers, stories, commentaries and instructions for the whole High Holy Day and Sukkot Period.
  • The Beginners Amida Guide: For those who do not have a machzor or struggle to sit and pray.
  • Spiritgrow High Holy Day Meditation Companion: A composition of short meditations to enrich the High Holy Day prayers and rituals.
  • Shofar Blowing Guide: To assist with the blowing of the shofar.
  • Kids Engagement Booklet.
  • Stress Ball.
  • Honey Biscuits .
  • Honey.
  • A whole lot of love.

These kits have become a reality thanks to the generosity of Tom and Issy Jaccobs.

Kits will be delivered to all current Spiritgrow member households between Sunday the 13th September and Friday the 18th September.

shofar course

There is a right and a wrong way to blow the Shofar, and there are horns which are kosher for use and ones that aren’t. Learn all the laws and methods for blowing the shofar in this short course of 2-3 minute videos. 

Head over to
www.howtoblowshofar.com to learn how to blow the shofar correctly.

Any Spiritgrow member who does not have a Shofar and completes the course will receive a Shofar.

Sunday 13th September @ 7.30pm. 

It is an age old tradition to bake round Challahs for the Jewish High Holydays and to eat them with honey. Rochel Wolf will be teaching the art and technique of baking round spelt and honey Challahs. This year, make your house smell like a bakery.

Click here for your list of ingredients.

We are sending out daily short classes and messages to assist you in preparing and getting happy for the upcoming High Holyday’s, join our WhatsApp group by clicking HERE.

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