Yom Kippur – Yizkor

Yizkor Guide 1

Yizkor can mean ‘remember’ and it can also mean ‘mention’. When we recite the Yizkor prayer we not only remember loved ones but bring them into the present by mentioning them.

There are a number of variations for the Yizkor memorial prayers, at Spiritgrow we encourage people to use the text found in the Artscroll Prayer Book because of it accessible language (Below)

This year (2023), the Yom Kippur Yizkor is recited during the day of Monday 25th September. Spiritgrow will offer a Yizkor memorial service at 11:45am.

If you wish for your loved one/s to be mentioned in the communal Yizkor at Spirtgrow please complete this form. A one off donation of $18 will help cover our printing costs.

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