The Scroll of Megilat Eicha

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The Megilat Eicha was written by the profit Jeremiah after the destruction of the First Temple on Jerusalem (586 BCE). We provide you with a very brief synopsis and a link to the full text below.

Chapter 1
Jeremiah describes the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile of the people – the sorrow, the betrayal, the shame, torment, devastation, humility, loneliness, ridicule, and poverty. He contrasts Jerusalem in its earlier days of splendour and what it has become. He described her ruins and calls out for retribution against the enemies of the Jewish people who are rejoicing in our destruction.

Chapter 2
Jeremiah acknowledges that everything is from G-d, that G-d is angry and our enemies are instruments in G-d’s hands. This particular passage is very confronting, Jeremiah uses extremely human terms to describe G-d’s conduct and relationship with the people. (none of the descriptions are written with a literal intention)

Chapter 3
Jeremiah describes the destruction from his perspective – in a very personal way. The event of the destruction is not just the Jewish nations story but a story that each and every one of us must take on personally – “G-d did this to me”. But in the same descriptions, Jeremiah  described G-d’s kindnesses and compassion. 

Chapter 4
Jeremiah returns back to describing the misery of the people and the horrors of torture and destruction. Jeremiah powerfully weaves words of faith, tragedy and pain together. He condemns the corruption of the Jewish leadership in the leadup to and during the destruction of Israel.

Chapter 5
Jeremiah asks G-d to remember how much pain we have suffered and that He return us to the great times of the very beginning.

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