Kabbalah Lectures: Pesach Themes

Pesach Kabbalah 1

We bring you lectures and classes form our archives that address themes associated with Pesach such as personal freedom and growth. The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim, when substituting the vowels in Hebrew, the  word becomes Meitzarim meaning constraints. the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim (exodus from Egypt) is also a message of Yetziat Meitzarim (exodus from constraints). 

Attaining True Freedom From Anger, Jealousy & Pain

A three part series delivered by Rabbi Menachem Wolf at Spiritgrow Josef Kryss Centre. Rabbi Menachem Wolf draws on the Kabbalistic, mystical and psychological teaching relating to Pesach to explore how we can overcome anger, jealousy, and depression as well as let go of hurt and pain.

Attaining True Freedom (class 1)

Attaining True Freedom (class 2)

Attaining True Freedom (class 3)

The Process of Personal Growth

In this short class Rabbi Menachem Wolf explores the exodus as a narrative of personal growth and creating change in life. This 3,500 year old story is a step by step guide for changing perceptions of reality and it will help us ‘escape’ the negative aspects of life that society has inadvertently placed on us.

The Deeper Pesach Message: Personal Liberation

What are the deeper messages in the exodus narrative? What are the Kabbalistic lessons? What does Egypt, exodus, splitting of the sea and the desert represent? Presented by Rabbi Menachem Wolf

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