Determining Bravery vs Foolishness

You need not be an Australian Rules Football fan to know the incredible words of John Kennedy Sr during the 1975 grand final. But how correct are his words? Isn’t thinking one of the greatest gifts God has given us? Isn’t hope one of the key parts of our people’s tradition? Isn’t ‘doing’ sometimes the silliest option? The answer is yes, but no. The Chanukah story has a subtle theme of ‘a few people focussed on the doing’. These are people who didn’t overthink or over-hope- the few Maccabees who were willing to fight Greek Assyria knowing that tomorrow there would be a greater war, or the young priests who excitedly lit the small amount of oil found in the temple despite knowing it wouldn’t be enough tomorrow. The Chanukah story is filled with opportunities for our hero’s to think realistically, or embrace spiritual hope, or even become despondent hermits far away form Jerusalem. But what made them heroic was their commitment to doing- they thought about it, they hoped and then they did. The question you might have is: how do we know if we should do or not? When is it bravery and when is it foolishness? That is something I will answer in this short Chanukah video.