60 Seconds With Laibl – Shavuot Edition

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Rabbi Laibl Wolf has a unique ability to capture big and powerful ideas in 60 seconds. We have collated the 60 second ideas which have a relevance to the festival of Shavuot. They were recorded at different points over the years but their messages remain as current as ever.

Transformation -Shavuot

It’s been almost seven weeks since Pesach. We have been counting the Omer nightly, and those of us who are involved in the deeper labyrinths of understanding Judaism, note that we have also considered, on each night’s counting, one of our 49 emotions that we need to work on for 24 hours. In a few days, on the eve of Shavuot, we will have completed introspective work on 49 emotion attributes. We should be transformed individuals, but are we?

Lifting Someone Up

On Shavuot we once again accept the Torah, anew, as we did 3332 years ago. This body of law ultimately provided the basis of justice and social cohesion of many a subsequent civilisation, including the Judaeo-Christian western world of today. In this short video Laibl discusses the import of the tenth of the Ten Commandments.

The Desert Of Choice

The Torah is the singular most enduring code of morality and law in the world. It has been the basis of all major religious streams and underpins all civil and criminal legal systems. It is the mother religion of Christianity and Islam. It is the core of our Judeo-Christian ethos of the western world today. It is the very antithesis of black magic and idolatry, and is the basis of monotheism.