Spiritgrow is a story of partnerships. By donating to Spiritgrow, you allows us to continue our work – in Melbourne and around the world.

personalising your donation

Jewish spiritual teachings explain the significance of dedications—personalising your donation infuses it with meaning. You may be celebrating a personal milestone or remembering a loved one. By contributing to Spiritgrow, your special moment lives on, and will forever remain in the memory of our Spiritgrow family.

I want to sponsor a . . .

There are many ways you can contribute financially to Spiritgrow.
Below is a list of programs and items that you can direct your donation towards. Which Spiritgrow item do you want to sponsor?

$50 | Library/Shul: Book, Siddur, Chumash

$180 | On-Line : Parsha Video, Meditation Video, Podcast, Blog

$250 | Education: Live and Zoom – Classes, Workshops, Lectures

$360 |  Shabbat: Kiddush, set of Aliyot

$770 | Yortzeit: Shul Plaque

$5000+ | Capital: Spiritgrow New Building Fund


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