Reincarnation in 5 Minutes

Your whole life matters because you have been reincarnated. Covid or not, this is the moment our soul needs to be here for.

Crash course on the primary reasons for reincarnation:

  • To fulfil the purpose of existence- drawing the Spiritual energy of Hashem into the world through Torah and Mitzvot
  • To correct a wrong from a previous lifetime
  • To support another in their souls quest

Mishpatim, is the source for much of the Zohars explanations of reincarnation. Now this may seem somewhat odd because this weeks parshah is mostly about economic law, torts, custodial responsibilities, courts and so much more. But you may see a pattern here- they all relate to laws between people, they are not the ‘classic religious’ laws like shabbat and kosher etc.

The Baal Shem Tov once mused about this Zohar that one doesn’t need to ‘come back’ in order to fix their relationship with G-d, one needs to come back to face the person they wronged and make amends with them. To achieve this we/they may come back as a person, an animal, plant or object.

So before you pick that flower, eat that meal, speak to that person, think: in what way can I best engage, because this may be the moment that allows them/me to enter the Garden of Eden when the time comes.