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Chanukah is very late this year and I was thinking that you might be away and may not have a travel menorah (or a menorah at home). But as a member we?ve got you covered and have a (travel) menorah available for you. The cost of each menorah is $8 and 30 minutes, dedicated to improving both your mental health and the wellbeing of another. I will supply you with what you need and explain how, but the magic is in you and your menorah.

The following explains the issue, the resolution and why Chanukah.

The Issue:

Currently, over 20% of the population suffers from mental health disease (including preventable forms of depression, anxiety and loneliness). 50% of the population will experience serious mental health challenges in their lifetime. Crudely averaging it out, 52 people commit suicide weekly in Australia, multiply that by 30 to get the figure of suicide attempts on a weekly basis.?Mental health disease doesn?t discriminate between socioeconomic, age, religion or gender. It?s not like a broken arm that is obviously noticed and therefore compensated for by others.

The Antidote:

The menorah has always been about dispelling darkness, but this is more than a physical darkness, it?s a mental, spiritual and emotional darkness that may be a part of depression, anxiety and/or loneliness.

The Antidote Explained:

Research shows that there are many things that help with the recovery from and the prevention of some mental health diseases:

When lighting the Menorah one is required to ensure that:

What We?re Going To?Achieve?Together

By doing Menorah we achieve not only the tradition but also improve mental wellbeing. Menorah is a ritual of inclusiveness, of gathering around together and inviting others, of sharing and adding more light and more warmth. Just like the Maccabees, through loving gatherings unlikely wins can take place.

So I am asking you to not only light the menorah but have a few people from your family, friends or community (let me know if you want me to let others know they can) join you. Based on the above stats, if you have more than five people you are more than likely to have included someone who needs a lot more than just a doughnut!

Let’s maximise the spiritual energy of Chanukah, and create light, on every level.

Get on board now, get your Spiritgrow Members Menorah and #CreateLight


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Any profit or additional contributions will be used for Spiritgrow mental health-centric programs in 2020