Something I learned in Poland

I have just returned from a very different kind of trip. A trip to Poland and Israel. I went as the Rabbi of a teen group organised by the March […]


  com·mand·ment [kuh-mand-muhnt]  noun, stupid word     I don’t like the word command. It connotes the need for power and a display of might. I have always been taught that strength […]

Being Small But Significant

In the Torah scroll there is a concept of the 'small letter'. When the Torah scroll is written, occasionally the scribe writes a letter deliberately larger or smaller (specific words require […]

Pesach Preparations Gone Right

Although Pesach is some weeks away we can't lose focus of the fact that it is the greatest festival of personal growth- and it therefore needs to be prepared for. […]

Self Defence / Others Defence

When was the last time you stood up for someone else? Not just someone else, but someone who you personally don't identify with – philosophically, spiritually, religiously, socially etc.? In […]

Keep The Mask On

As purim approaches there will be a lot of discussion about wearing masks- it is a festival of dressing up and everyone has their blog and take on masks and […]

We are our light

The Menorah (candelabra) that stood in the temple was a unique light source. It had six branches and a single stem in the centre. Atop of the stem and each […]

Witches and Souls

"The witch shall be put to death"   I love that one- it's in this weeks parsha (in the Torah). Can you imagine in the olden days putting witches to […]

Go on holiday!

Get Back In Touch With Yourself So, after Josephs brothers sold him to a group of Arab slave traders (3,500 years ago), he was taken to Egypt and sold off […]